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West Sussex DrainsRelining Price List

Standard lining Per Meter

Ø 100mm - £69.00

Ø 150mm - £79.00

(minium set up of 9 meters per site)


Inversion Lining Per Meter

Our inversion lining system needs to be used on longer lengths. It leaves a higher quality finish improving flow characteristics. It also allows us to line through one bend from a single access point.


Ø 100mm - £76.00

Ø 150mm - £91.00

Ø 225mm - £127.00

Ø 300mm - £186.00
(minium set up of 9 meters per site)


Superflex Lining Per Meter

Our super flex lining system is required to line through multiple bends from a single access point.


Ø 100mm - £91.00

Ø 150mm - £105.00

(minium set up of 9 meters per site)


Pitch Fibre Re-Opening Per Meter

Our pitch fibre reopening system allows us to refurbish old pitch fibre pipes from a single access point and without the need for an excavation, We will then pre-line and line the host pipe to prevent further decay. It leaves a high quality finish improving flow characteristics.


Ø 100mm - £146.00

Ø 150mm - £159.00

(minium set up of 9 meters per site)


Patch Lining

Ø 100mm - £410.00

Ø 150mm - £430.00

Ø 225mm - £ P.O.A

Ø 300mm - £ P.O.A

Ø 450mm - £ P.O.A




All Prices listed are Excluding VAT.


Excepted Payments



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West Sussex DrainsRelining Services

What we do

West Sussex drains, Cracked Drain, pre-relining

As our business grows, so do our client list and the services we provide. We recognise that our customers are looking for a service provider that is reliable, cost effective and fast. With West Sussex Drains, that’s just the service you’ll receive.

Our Re-Lining service is a proven and established methord of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe, without the need for excavation, and therefore with minimal disruption.

The new pipe liner material is similar to GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and will be superior in quality and strength to the pipe which it lines. The new pipe is moulded inside the damaged pipe using either air or water pressure, fitting it tightly against the wall of the existing pipe. When the process is complete, the new pipe will become rigid, resulting in a strong and durable pipe that is only 6% smaller in diameter than the origional.

West Sussex drains, Drain relining

We recognise how a fault with drainage, blocked toilets or broken pipes can be catastrophic when running a business. We’ll guarantee that our fully licensed drainage experts respond quickly to any reported problems - to ensure minimal inconvenience for both you and your business.

A full technical specification of the produc1ts we use is available upon request

The re-lining process is suitable for sewers, drains and vertical downpipes etc. the products used in this process are resistant to agresive chemicals and can withstand extreamly high temperatures.

As we work with local authorities, housing associations, property maintenance companies, holiday parks, retailers and many more businesses in varying sectors, we know we offer the right choice when it comes to providing an immediate solution to your drainage problems.


The Advantages of Re-Lining

Our customers will benefit from the re-linning process in many ways.

  • No costly excavations
  • Capable or repairing leaks and open joints, root intrusions, cracwks and other associated pipe failures
  • Re-Lining will be ready to use within hours of installation
  • Achieves a permanent structural repair
  • Suitable for domestic, municiple, commercial and industrial applications
  • Guarantees to improve flow
  • Up to 100 metres can be installed in one length
  • The Re-lining process is approved by local authorities, loss adjusters, surveyors and architects alike
  • Quality Products Used, means good value for money
  • The products we use conform to European standards BSEN13566-F:2002